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Welcome Teachers

Step into a world where you are celebrated, your boundless curiosity is nurtured, and your unique interests are embraced with open arms. Welcome to GTCASA, a place where being gifted is ‘normal’.

Whether you love maths, chess, reading, creating art and crafts, diving into science or music, or just generally find everything pretty interesting, you belong here. Our community is a safe place to be yourself and connect with other kids like you.

So, let your imagination soar, ask all the questions you want to, and join in the fun. Welcome to GTCASA.

How GTCASA supports teachers

At GTCASA, we're dedicated to providing academic enrichment and  social opportunities for gifted children.

Academic Support 

Our Saturday Club provides academic enrichment opportunities for gifted children to explore topics of interest with like-minded peers.

Community Engagement

We understand the importance of social interaction and peer engagement for gifted students. That's why we organise regular community events, such as our Saturday Club, where students can connect with like-minded peers, participate in enriching activities, and build lasting friendships.

Twice Exceptional (2E) Support 

Our events assume students who are twice exceptional, possessing exceptional abilities alongside learning differences or disabilities, will be attending and we support whatever you need to attend and have fun.

Whether you're seeking academic enrichment, social connections, or support for 2E identification, GTCASA is here to help gifted students thrive in every aspect of their development. Join us on this journey of discovery, growth, and celebration of giftedness!

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